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2019 Blog Redesign

Today, I’m rolling out the jekyll-theme-richienb theme for my official blog.

Welcome to Jekyll!

Because I needed to test jekyll.

Material Design Palette

This Material Design palette contains colours which go well with any Material Design theme.

Speak To ROS

ROS Chat is a sophisticated chatbot that can assist you in everyday things and more.

My Discord Server

Please join my Discord server here.

My Website's Status Page

You can view my website’s status below: |Up/Down|Uptime Ratio|Uptime Ratio (Last 7 Days)| |:—–:|:———-:|:————————:| |Uptime status|Uptime ratio|Uptime ratio (7 days)|

Default Python 3 Syntax Highlighting Colours

Here are the default Python 3 syntax highlighting colours

How to connect your GitHub Pages website to a custom domain

This tutorial will teach you how to connect your GitHub Pages website to a custom domain

View My Broadcast

View my broadcast on ROS Broadcast by entering this code: richiebendall

Font Size Guide 2.0

Here is the official Font Size Guide 2.0:

Test Your Browser's Security Features

To easily test your browser features, go to https://badssl.com/ to try links that will display or download test content to check your browser security

Font Size Guide 1.0

Here is the official Font Size Guide 1.0:

My Official Website

My official website has been released here.

Get Free Gift Cards

Have you ever wanted to get gift cards for free? Have you ever wanted to get that game of Minecraft that you really want? Well, now you can! Just go here and start getting free stuff!

Socialize With Me

Please, Socialize With Richie Bendall.

Quickly Come Back To This Blog

Did you know that you can access this blog via a QR code? Just scan the QR code below to instantly access this blog.

My Favourite Minecraft Seed

My favourite Minecraft Java Edition seed is Richienb. I’ve also created a world download from Bedrock edition as well.

Voicemail Me

Have you ever wanted to send me a voicemail? Well, now you can! Just go here to start recording a message powered by SpeakPipe.

Rerver - A Minecraft Server

Mason and I have started up a Minecraft server for PC and PE so be sure to check it out here.

Whack A Trump

Check out my whack a trump game. In it, you can whack Donald Trump.

My Google+ Page

Check out my Google+ page here.

The Computer Technical Support Site

Check out the Computer Technical Support site here.

My YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel here.