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This tutorial will teach you how to connect your GitHub Pages website to a custom domain

  1. Register a custom domain. If you don’t have one yet, you can use Freenom to get a free one.
  2. In Github navigate to the repository you wish to connect to the custom domain.
  3. Ensure the setting source is selected to something other than none and press the save button.
  4. Below the source selector, type the domain which you would like to use. I’d go with something like or
  5. Press save.
  6. Now is the time to connect your domain to a DNS proxy such as Cloudflare, if you wish.
  7. In your domain’s DNS settings, configure the following item.
Type Name Value
A @
A @
A @
A @
  1. If you’re using a subdomain (for example change www to the subdomain you want.
  2. Remember to replace USERNAME with the GitHub username of the repository owner.

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